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At the moment there is no planned courses in Stockholm. If you are looking for courses, check out Pink Programming or Tjejer Kodar. We still have workshops. If you are interested, stay tuned on our facebook page.

About Code Excursion


Code Excursion is a female coding community where women learn programming. The focus of Code Excursion is to learn in a helpful, passionate and including community with a bunch of cheerful, curious and supporting girls who start the journey of becoming a web developer together. At the moment we do not have any planned courses in Stockholm. We still have workshops. If you are interested, stay tuned on nour facebook page. Our friends in Switzerland have similar events in Zurich.


The seed to Code Excursion came the summer of 2017. We had been trying to learn coding for a long time without much success. We felt like we were missing a safe and inspiring space to learn. To fix this problem we created Code Excursion!


At the moment we have no planned courses in Stockholm. We still have workshops about code related topics. Stay tuned


In 2020 we have no planned courses in Stockholm. We still have workshops and events. If you are interested in joining, follow us If you are interested in courses in Stockholm, we suggest you check out Pink Programming or Tjejer Kodar!

Who We Are


Louise Serenhov


Student in Stockholm with a big passion for personal development, entrepreneurship and nature. Besides that, camping, hiking and biking makes my day :) I discovered coding when our startup suddenly stood without a developer and to my surprise I'm hooked. I value relations high and always try my best to see challenging situations as empowering.


Josefin Gullbrandsson


Passionate tech enthusiast! With a background in business and marketing, I realized my passion for technology and coding 2 years ago. I later joined Code Excursion and I am now working as a Digital strategy consultant for my own company. I am super into yoga and meditation. I love vegan food and I am spending a looot of time at Mahalo in Vasastan, so if you want to meet up for a coffee, I hope to see you there! :)


Lina Wingren


While my friends from Stockholm School of Economics wanted to be management consultants, I realized that my dream and passion were whiten marketing. Looking forward to working-life, I realized that the most interesting and fun projects were in digital marketing. In order to understand and analyze digital behavior in depth, I was convinced that I wanted to learn how to program. Through Code Excursion I've met amazing women with similar vision and passion like me! Fun facts about me: competed in figure skating on Swedish elite level, loves trips and all kinds of adventures!


Becki Wordsworth

Course Lead

I am a JavaScript Developer and Researcher who loves new technology, science and Formula 1! I moved from a career as a Physicist to developer and am absolutely loving it, so my main reason for joining Code Excursion was because I wanted to help others find their passion in coding and have a good time while doing it. I love organising events and meeting new people so this is perfect for me. Outside of coding, you will find me watching all kinds of motorsport, crafting, and snowboarding.

Do you need a website?

We let our graduated students work on your real digital projects. We will mentor them while building and make sure you are satisfied with your project. We can create your project with a lower cost than a professional web development agency. It’s win-win-win. You get a less-expensive project and our students get real experience.

What do you want us to create?
What is the website for?
What functions do you expect?
What is your budget?
When does the project need to be completed?
Where are you based?
Here are some

Words from previous students!


"Code Excursion isn't just another coding course. It's more of a community where you get to meet other motivated and curious girls, learn to code together, help each other out if you get stuck somewhere."

"Code Excursion was an AMAZING experience! Always such a welcoming and supporting atmosphere - no pressure, no judgement. You get to be yourself and learn at your own pace. It was great that we met on a regular basis. Very motivating in itself, but it was always something I looked forward to towards the end of a busy week."

"I got a deeper understanding of programming as whole, pretty secure with basic front-end, some backend. Last not least, is the friendships that i hope to continue with."

"I loved it, was really a highlight of my week and felt so blessed to be a part of it. Sometimes it feel like there wasn't enough time, sometimes it felt like I was too tired :-D but it was great having the flexiblity to be there and to meet other inspiring women. "

Contact and sponsorship

If you have any questions or thoughts about Code Excursion or sponsorship we are super happy to hear from you. Contact us on